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the Gaia Camp

[ Biodiversity to Business ]

On the occasion of the World Conservation Congress [ IUCN ] to be held in Marseille in June, and at the exceptional place [ thecamp ], we invite you to an immersive 2-day experience to integrate biodiversity and its stakes at the heart of your business strategy.

the Gaia Camp
thecamp x Ogaia

June 11 - 13, 2020
at thecamp, Aix-en-Provence, France


thecamp is a place where explorers from all over the world come to live, work and inspire each other to develop solutions for a more humane and sustainable future.


Ogaia helps leaders and companies to evolve and transform their business models by designing and deploying sustainable solutions inspired by nature.

Our Planet,
the only Business Plan

Companies are one of the keys to preserving biodiversity, and their respective futures are interdependent.

First, because human activity has caused the five main declines in biodiversity: degradation of land and marine habitats, overuse of certain organisms, global warming, soil and ocean pollution, and dispersal of invasive species. Among other consequences, a million species are threatened with extinction: that’s 25% of all vertebrates, invertebrates and plants.*

Second, because most of the wealth created by companies comes from the natural and living resources of our planet. About 60 billion tons of renewable and non-renewable resources are extracted each year. 70% of cancer drugs are derived from or inspired by living species; 75% of the plants we grow are pollinated by insects, etc.*

*Sources IPBES and World Economic Forum Global Risk Report


The World Conservation Congress

Every four years, the World Conservation Congress, organized by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), brings together in a different country several thousand leaders and decision makers from governments, civil society, indigenous peoples, business and academia, with the goal of preserving the environment.

It aims to collectively define the most pressing environmental and development challenges and the actions to be taken to respond to them. These reflections and actions are followed by more than 75 million people around the world through social networks.

The next congress will take place in France, at the Parc Chanot in Marseille, from June 11 to 19, 2020.

This is a unique opportunity to foster dialogue between experts and the business world, accelerate their involvement in the preservation of biodiversity and make the protection of the planet a strong driver of economic development.


the Gaia Camp

An innovation program tailored to your own challenges 

Over the next decade, preserving biodiversity will present the same challenges and constraints for businesses that carbon emissions and waste management have previously. On the occasion of the World Conservation Congress, we are offering an innovation program on this subject. Through the lens of biodiversity, you will revisit your business models, you will integrate the constraints and opportunities linked to the living world and you will experience concrete actions during workshops dedicated to your challenges.

Learning Expedition

Discover inspiring solutions. Visit the World Conservation Congress and access the Nature Generation Areas which will highlight the actions of mobilization of the regions and companies involved in preserving biodiversity.


Live a unique experience by staying two nights on the thecamp site, in an exceptional architectural setting surrounded by nature.
Have a vegetarian culinary experience at the restaurant, for a more sustainable future of food.


During collaborative workshops, understand the deep meaningful of biodiversity. Take ownership of the interactions that exist between it and business. Identify concrete action plans for your business and the preservation of living things.


During this second day, attend inspirational talks on biodiversity, given by leaders, scientists, architects, entrepreneurs.

Come promote and share the approaches that you have already started at your company.


Group of 3 people max.

  • Ends Feb., 29th


Group of 3 people max.

  • Starts March, 1st


per person

  • -


2-day, 2-night immersive experience.
From Thursday 11 June 6 pm to Saturday 13 June 6 pm
Learning Expedition
2 nights' accommodation at thecamp with full board
Participation in collaborative workshops, talks and exhibits


Transfers from your places of arrival to thecamp
Kiosk for promoting your own initiatives
Institutional communications package
If you want a tailor-made partnership, contact us.
Example: Private workshop for your teams 

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